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Yesterday, it was Easter and after church we went to Benihanas to have lunch.The service was great until the cook arrived at the table.

He did not seem ready for his day at all. He forgot people's food, he over cooked it as well. After, getting our food packed up by the waitress I looked at my wife and said he forgot our chicken! Because we both ordered chicken and steak for lunch.

A minute later the cook walks out with two small plates of chicken. He handed me one and I grabbed it and about 3 seconds later I threw on the table. It was the hottest plate I've ever touched. The plate burned my hand pretty bad.

He never said it was hot. And when someone hands you something your nature reaction is to grab it.

The manager came to the table right away to tell me he was going to take care of the bill.They gave me some burn gel and took down my information.

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I doubt he handed it to you, more like you grabbed it from him because you were impatient.Why should someone have to warn you the plate was hot?

Where is common sense? Your bill was comped and you were burn gel for your hand. So, what else is it you want?

Surely you don't think this is going to equal a big insurance payout, do you?

to Anonymous #1137385

No, it turned out it was a second degree burn.And the manager contacted me saying sorry.

She told me that the cook had half of the plate on the stove while cooking my chicken. When he walked it out grabbing the cold side he forgot it was hot. So no I wasn't impatient because I wasn't waiting for it. He bought it because he forgot about the chicken.

It's a second degree burn and burn gel and a free meal should be good enough?

Where is your common sense to stay out of people's business if you don't know the true story.And no one said anything about a pay out but you!

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